Berlin had to be in my life.



Such a big topic here in Germany after the “refugee crisis”. Anyway I have no idea how people coming to your land could be a crisis. Not that they came diseased or armed.

Yeah, integration.

Just because someone is traveling or immigrating doesn’t mean they are less integrated as humans. We have all lived in societies and within families. Studies and tried out best to achieve our dreams.

I have traveled to 7 countries and lived in 3 before I was asked to be integrated in Germany. Oh and going back to my “contradictions” post. Integration isn’t for people from certain background. Integration is for those who don’t understand what human is and what the worth of an individual is.

For example, it really doesn’t make sense to me to be told that I should respect women, or homosexuality. I mean here in Germany you have a bunch of nazis. How about you integrate them first and then start with others? Change starts within. Or?.

Have a great day dear reader.

Contradictions as starters.

When I was a kid I always asked myself if am gonna be able to be as idealist as I am. Maybe if adults could be as idealistic as kids?. Idk.

Internet -as for everyone else as well, has been a great way for me to answer many questions I needed answers for.

Believe in yourself and work hard, if it’s your success time then you earn it. Priorities are always Love and People around. Money never buys happiness but it could buy Nutella etc..

-The world is open for everyone!.

I have been with my parents for couple months in the past 7-years.

-We are born free

To fit in the society and owe the land our blood.

-We are all the same

Except it doesn’t work this way.

Am pretty sure each of us have seen so many contradictions in their own lives.